Monday, February 18, 2013

Some Petite Projects for Presidents Day

Happy Presidents Day!  I just got back from a weekend in D.C. with my mom and sister. My favorite president is John Adams, but mostly because he was just an awesome New Englander, and his wife, Abigail, told him to "remember the ladies" when building this new republic.

Still planning some larger projects, but here are a few little ones I did over the past week:
 I recycled this spaghetti sauce jar into a tea light holder with a layer of salt on the bottom, topped with jumbled stones and glass beads.

I was tired of all of these silver WalMart frames and gave them a little perk up with my paints.

My roommate found this Rococo-style scrapbook paper at Michael's and it looks perfectly darling behind this frame I got years ago from a dollar store.

I un-blahed this WalMart lamp that was originally dark brown and red.

I also decided I needed some more indoor 18th century garden in my life, so I found these sweet, swirly wall planters on Amazon and painted and distressed them before adding painted terra cotta pots planted with ivy:

These came out so sweet and pretty-looking I felt like an industrious colonial housewife, living off the land in proud independence. Except I had help from And Home Depot. Well, okay, so maybe I feel more like an 18th century mod girl but that's just as good! Happy Presidents Day!

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