Tuesday, February 12, 2013

18th Century Noms

Morning, bloggers! I have some projects coming up, hopefully later this week, but while I'm in the planning stages I'm straying from the Shabby-Chic world into one of the other best aspects of the 18th century...FOOD.

The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, of which of course I'm a member*, has developed this great blog of some of the choicest recipes from the 18th century and basically I want to nom nom nom all of them. Especialy the Loafes, Spanish Fashion. Chocolate cream in fried carbs? Those Spaniards knew what they were doing.
Eerrrmaahgaaadd deliciousness. Pic courtesy of the Colonial Williamsburg history blog.
I haven't had breakfast yet today so obviously I went right for the desserts page. Happy 18th century cooking, and see you soon!

*I have a plastic card that reads "Founding Member Since 2006."

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